/r6g/ FAQ, Guide and Links

v 2.30 - Last updated: 2017-11-11

Welcome to Rainbow Six HQ, recruit.

Before asking, please search for answers to your questions in this website. It should give you a primer on how to operate with your fellow operators, operationally.

Do not buy the Starter Edition!

Do not take this guide as a rulebook! Feel free to experiment. This guide is written with beginner and intermediate players in mind.

Official News

Teamspeak for /r6g/ operations

/r6g/ OP Pastebin

Stat Checking


If you have any feedback, suggestions on things to add, edit, or remove, please submit issues and/or pull requests at https://github.com/physixcat/r6gfaq/. Other than this, you can reply to the OP in the current thread to increase the chances I’ll see your request (it’s easier than browsing the thread looking for suggestions).

More direct contact options include:

I hope this FAQ/Guide is of use to you. Happy operating.